Year End Letter

“And so, dear brothers and sisters, we can boldly enter heaven’s Most Holy Place because of Jesus… Jesus opened a new and life-giving way through the curtain into the Most Holy Place.” – Hebrews 10:19-20

For 35 years, the River of Life Mission has been revered as “Holy Ground.” As we celebrate December 2023, our team has been reflecting on this profound legacy. Over the years, we opened our doors and welcomed guests into this space known as a place of love, refuge, and respite from the turmoil of the streets.

Our understanding that this sanctuary stemmed from what Jesus did for us, and our guests. Christmas served as a poignant reminder of His purpose and what He achieved. This year, we rejoice even more, as we deeply acknowledge that Jesus has paved “a new and life-giving way” for us to encounter Holy Ground, wherever we go.

The dialogue among our staff this year is particularly jubilant. We’ve watched as that Holy Ground, which still resides within our mission, but also now acts as a springboard, extending to 79 HUB spot events across Oahu.

Where Jesus is present, there is Holy Ground, especially when His followers create welcoming spaces, offering hope to those who may have lost it. Witnessing people across Oahu unite to create these sanctuaries is truly heartwarming.

This year’s celebration is a testament to the movement and expansion of how these Holy places have sprouted from 16 to 79 HUB spot events across Oahu, weekly ministering to over 3,000 individuals on the streets. All glory and honor belong to Christ, with a special thanks to all of you who helped this happen with your generous and unwavering support.

We remain steadfast in our belief that it all starts with the breaking of bread and sharing a simple meal. This year we’re slated to break all records, surpassing the distribution of well over 200,000 free meals – an avenue through which trust is built and meaningful connections are forged, leading to life-altering decisions steering people away from the destruction of the streets.

Christmas, this blessed season, symbolizes Jesus offering us a new and vibrant path – ushering in new ways of living. The River of Life Mission epitomizes this vibrancy. We are experiencing miraculous growth, witnessing unprecedented transitions of individuals away from the streets, and witnessing hundreds embracing life in Jesus.

year end letter photo

Yet, our work is far from over. The journey ahead brims with opportunities. We eagerly anticipate 2024, aspiring to introduce more individuals to Jesus, expand our network of compassionate HUBs, train others in our successful mobile model worldwide, and extend our HUBs to the outer Hawaiian Islands.

Your continued support, especially as we approach year-end, serves as an investment in the restoration and redemption of lives from the ravages of the streets. We keenly feel the urgency for change and remain resolute in our mission to transform lives and bring hope where hope is needed most.

Join hands with us once again to witness another year of profound miracles in 2024. We extend our heartfelt gratitude in advance, knowing that your prayers and giving will embolden us to achieve even more. River of Life Mission has embarked on a transformative journey, and our future shines brightly. The dedication of our team to extend the realm of “Holy Ground” to unprecedented territories, surges stronger than ever before.

Thank you again for joining us in this mission of compassion!

With sincere gratitude,

Rann Watumull
President, Board
River of Life Mission


Paul Gates
Executive Director
River of Life Mission