Simple Kindness, Profound Impact

“Lord, through all the generations you have been our home!” – Psalms 90:1

With December fast approaching, I’m diving into the hunt for that perfect children’s Christmas book – a tradition that never seems to lose its charm, even with our oldest of seven well into adulthood.

What does December bring to mind for you? Is it the joy of cherished traditions or perhaps a reminder of tougher times?

Christmas is a mix of emotions for many. Amidst the celebrations, it can also stir up challenging memories. As you read this, I hope it brings a spark of joy your way.

Years ago, I stumbled upon a remarkable book called “An Invisible Thread Christmas Story”. No pre-reading this time; it was a leap of faith. And boy, was it worth it! Not for its words, or beautiful illustrations, but for the profound story it holds.
It’s about a wealthy woman who befriends a homeless boy. Their bond changes their lives. The most touching moment? When the boy, owning nothing, gifts the woman his only possession – a stuffed animal. It’s a powerful testament to the impact of simple kindness.

Christmas is about hope piercing through brokenness. It’s about connecting with others like Jesus did when He walked among us. Jesus brought to earth, the human connection and sacrifice that changed our lives, my life, and wants to change lives struggling on the streets – for eternity.


This week at the mission, we experienced an “invisible thread” story. These are narratives where the connecting points often remain unseen until much later down the road, when everything falls into place and becomes clear.

A recent act of generosity by a HUB leader changed the life of a young man battling drug addiction. The leader provided an airplane ticket to U-Turn for Christ ministry in California. After completing detox and a discipleship program, the young man returned to Oahu, rebuilding relationships and dedicating himself to serving at HUBs. At a recent thanksgiving gathering, he shared his transformational story, inspiring others to follow Jesus. Through the simple gift of a plane ticket, the HUB leader redirected someone from a destructive path to leading others towards Jesus, impacting many lives forever.

This Christmas, let’s lean into that spirit. Let’s not just celebrate, let’s embody the giving heart of the season. At River of Life Mission, your support has been invaluable. Your generosity changes lives. And this season, we invite you to join us once more. Your gifts have already made a huge impact, and we are praying for those who will be helped by your generous giving even now. Let’s mend the brokenness together.

Wishing you a Christmas filled with joy and a heart ready to give.

Aloha and Blessings,

Pastor Paul Gates

Executive Director