Project Hero


Welcome to Project Hero, where you get to experience what it means to be a true hero for Christ! During your time with us, you will be working with River of Life Mission to help people who are in desperate need. We are currently working with guests all over Oahu, and now have plans to expand our services to the island of Maui after the wildfires. Project Hero’s ultimate goal is to ignite in you a passion for serving Christ through a variety of outreach activities. We believe that everyone has the potential to be a hero. By joining Project Hero, you can live out your calling to love and serve others.


Our mission here at Project Hero is to help rebuild the live of everyone in desperate need. Our desire is to help you grow in your walk in Christ through intentional discipleship and seeing what is truly important in life. We believe that by helping others, we can become more like Jesus and experience the joy of serving.


Project Hero offers a service team program for those who want to help with the recovery efforts in Maui. The cost is $100 per person per night, which goes to support the local ministry that is providing housing that will be there long after and this does not take housing away from the victims. This will include several showers, a kitchen, and space for teams to work. There are rooms available for volunteers, but will be asked to sleep on cots or in sleeping bags that are also provided if needed.


By working with us, you are supporting all victims of the fires in Maui, including:
– Fire victims
– Recently displaced families
– First responders like policemen and firemen
– Volunteers who have been serving since day 1
– Pastors and churches
We are also helping to empty shipping containers of essentials by organizing, storing, and distributing them to the affected families.


The goal is to implement a rotating team system for the following months, with each team serving for one week. This will ensure that all of the families’ needs are met, as each team will have a unique set of skills and experiences to offer. Once you have finalized your outreach team, it is essential that each team secures their own plane tickets and rental vehicle for the duration of your stay.


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