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We have specifically tailored, crafted, and tested these resources to help better equip God’s laborers in the Father’s harvest field in search of His lost sheep.

The Problem is Real

Why We Do Homeless Ministry


  • 4,028 individuals counted as houseless as of January 2023.
  • 59% of the estimated 4,000 houseless population in Hawaii are living without shelter of any kind. Hawaii ranked highest % in the Nation.
  • 51% of Houseless Identify as Native Hawaiian.
  • 105.6 per 10,000 houseless are Native Hawaiian Veterans.
  • 2% increase of houselessness in Hawaii from 2022 to 2023.

The Plan is Rising

What is a Hub Spot and How to Build It

What is a Hub Spot?


  • A Hub Spot is only hosted once a week.
  • Hub Spots are to be at most 50 guests.
  • Servant-hearted people incorporate the meals and ministry plan.
  • Some Hub Spots can feature a “Community Service Fair” to further accommodate the needs of vulnerable populations.
  • Learn More:

We say Hub Spots are like fingerprints; no two are alike! 
We consistently see a fresh approach to sharing the gospel and mobilizing God’s people to action!

Pathway to Transition

Hub Spot Varieties and How to Build Your Hub

Building your Hub

  1. Setting Up Your Onsite Transition Resource Table
    a. The link provided has all the documents needed to print and place on your resource table to help connect guests to resources on island.
    b. Link
  2. Social Service and Transition Resources
    a. This is a document that has resources for guests on Oahu.
    b. Link
  3. Invites to Local Core HUBS to give to houseless
    a. Link
  4. Building and Shaping Culture at Your HUB Spot
    a. Link
  5. Safety Protocol
    a. Link
  6. Need Hub Spot Supplies?
    a. Link
  7. Need Hub Spot Table Supplies?
    a. Link

The People are Ready

What’s your next move?

Want to Start a Hub Spot?

Next Steps

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Hub Spot Contacts and Resources

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