Our People

Meet Our Family

We have an incredibly hard working staff, a generously large team of supporters, and an influential board – that deeply desire to love Jesus and love others with the hope of making a difference in the lives of people and our world. 

Our Guests

Just one of 1000's

Our Volunteers

Kyle & Carl
Just several of 100's

Our Staff

Paul Gates
Executive Director
Shervelle Gardner
General Manager
Tracy Clay
Director of Finance
Jeremy Shimabukuro
Operations Director
Hildaanne Gibson
Food Service Director
David Stewart
Mission Pastor (Guests)
Hector Acosta
Director of Chocolate
Misty Marchant
Finance Assistant
Ana Sagadraca
Head of Product Development (COAM)
Justin Sagadraca
Master of Production (COAM)
Jody Williams
Sales and Retail Manager (COAM)
Aleni Snell
Angela Abellana
Josue Aguilar
Intern and Ministry Manager
Jeremy Brown
Denise Beasley
Volunteer Coordinator
Nanci Chinen
Administrative Assistant
Noel Miner
Free Store/G.i.K. Supervisor
Tomiko Delos Santos
Food Service Associate
Justin Sarcedo
Lisa Stewart
Food Service Associate
Davi Teves
Advisor and Former Director (COAM)

Our Board Members

Rann Watumull
Ed Hope
Vice President
Chris Mashiba
Secretary/ Treasurer
Philip Spalding, III
Board Member
John Monge
Board Member
Rene Morgan
Board Member
Danny Kim
Board Member
Isaia Souza
Board Member
Steven Uyesugi
Board Member
Leo Rodas
Board Member
Lani Kaaa
Board Member