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Kind Words Bring Life

“Kind words bring life…” – Proverbs 15:4 Do you remember the last time you were in desperate need of a haircut? I recently witnessed the profound power of a simple haircut at a River of Life Mission Hub Spot. It is such a game changer for someone living on the streets, with no access to […]

A Good, Good Father

“A father of the fatherless and a judge for the widows, is God in His holy habitation. God makes a home for the lonely; He leads out the prisoners into prosperity, only the rebellious dwell in a parched land.” -Psalm 68:5-6 What happens when a young man throws his life into drugs which alter the […]

Miracles of Multiplication

“Through the help of the Holy Spirit it was strengthened and grew in numbers, as it lived in reverence for the Lord” – Acts 9:31   If the resurrection of Jesus that we celebrated at Easter is the singular most important moment in history, what is the second most important moment in history? I believe […]

Dave’s Story

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations [help the people to learn of Me, believe in Me, and obey My words], baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” – Matthew 28:19 I cannot think of a better way to start the new year […]

Heaven’s Thanksgiving

 “God delights in loving-kindness, justice, and righteousness. Rejoice when you see these things evidenced in this world and in your life because you know your Father is very pleased.”  – Jeremiah 9:24 Have you ever thought about what Thanksgiving looks like for God? Your mind could immediately go wild with excitement thinking about the most […]


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