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April 2021

Dear Friends, This could be the most important letter I have sent.  We have a brand new focus at River of Life Mission.  But when you hear it, it may not seem profound.  But our focus on it as a staff and ministry has already had radically profound effects.  And we think you will be […]

March 2021

“He has given us new birth, into a living hope, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ”  (1 Peter 1:3) Dear Friends, Easter is upon us.  And more than any Easter before, I believe we are all due an absolutely encouraging story of hope. Are you ready for it?  If you are, read on! Several years […]

January 2021

Dear Friends: There was one old parable given by a Rabbi.  That parable was called “The Rabbi and the Exceedingly Ugly Man.” “On one occasion Rabbi Eleazer son of Rabbi Simeon was coming from Midgal Gedor, from the house of his teacher.  He was riding leisurely on his donkey by the riverside and was feeling […]


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